Designed for lifetime durability, this 96-page permanent record offers large flight time category spaces. Its become the standard of the industry. Pilot logbook meet the JAR-FCL 1.080 requirements.

Size: 8.3125″ x 5.3125″

The  Pilot Logbook  includes the following columns:

  • Date
  • Aircraft Type
  • Aircraft Ident
  • Route of Flight
    – From
    – To
  • Nr Inst. App.
  • Remarks and Endorsements
  • Nr T/O
  • Nr Ldg
  • Aircraft Category
    – Single-Engine Land
    – Multi-Engine Land
  • And Class
    – [Blank Column]
    – [Blank Column]
  • Conditions of Flight
    – Night
    – Actual Instrument
    – Simulated Instrument (Hood)
  • Flight Simulator
  • Type of Piloting Time
    – Cross-Country
    – Solo
    – Dual Received
    – Pilot in Command
  • Total Duration of Flight


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